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E00248361score:4.3 / 52023-03-25
There is no special parking lot, just stop at the door, but there are too many cars and there is no security command. Everything is solved by yourself
ALISEscore:4.8 / 52023-03-24
The surrounding environment is good. The hotel is next to Shengya. It's very convenient and the room is very clean. I just feel that the TV is too small
precilscore:5.0 / 52023-03-23
not bad
e00097262score:5.0 / 52023-03-22
The location is very good, especially the sea view room we stayed in. It's very close to Xinghai Square. It's suitable for cheap travel. It's convenient for children. It's very close to the beach!
bbroomxjscore:3.5 / 52023-03-21
When I arrived at the hotel in the evening, I wasted some time because I didn't find the order, and I needed to work by computer in the evening. I found that I couldn't connect to the Internet at all. The customer service center told me that it was off work and there was no way. The Assistant Manager of the hotel lobby had a good attitude and helped me change my room in time. The room should be upgraded, bigger and more beautiful than before. The key was that the waiter was very attentive, Before changing rooms, help me try to say that there is no problem with the network, the cost performance is still very high hotel.
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